Statistics of customs duties

Since 2018, the country has switched from the 7-steps (0%, 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%) ad valorem customs duty rates to the new 3-steps (0%, 5%, 15%) customs duty rates. Import customs duties on most commodity codes were reduced in order to simplify the structure of duty rates and to increase trade turnover while
customs duties on certain commodity codes were raised to protect domestic production and other commodity codes remained the same.

In order to improve the efficiency of foreign economic activity through further improvement of the customs tariff mechanism, to produce competitive products in the country, to protect the domestic market and further strengthening of public support for the sustainable development of the non-oil sector, to switch from the multistage import customs duties system to low level stage system, to integrate codes on commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity to the new version of the International Harmonized System, in accordance with the International Conventions on " Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems " and the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Accession to the Convention Amendment to above mentioned Protocol, as well as in accordance to the Paragraph No. 28.5 of the Decree No. 499 dated September 15, 2011 of President of the Azerbaijan Republic about "Application of the law of the Azerbaijan Republic on Approval of the Customs Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan" and to the Paragraph No. 3.2 of the Decree No. 936 dated July 4, 2013 about "Application of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Customs Tariff", the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 500 dated November 17, 2017 about "Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, rates of import customs duties and rates of export customs duties" was approved.

Updated coding system and import/export duty rates were included to the UAMS (United Automatic Management System) software and placed on the official website of the State Customs Committee "" for use and convenience of participants of foreign economic activity since 01.01.2018.