Customs officers carry out one another successful operation
16-June-2020 1145

108 kg of heroin was found

As a result of vigilance of customs officers, a large amount of heroin was found and confiscated from a truck on the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
A Scania truck with the state registration number AT1682CI / AT0023XT, which was transporting melon, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables from Astara, Iran to Kiev, Ukraine, was detained and inspected by the customs officers.
Although the driver reported that the vehicle he was driving did not contain any items to be declared to the customs authorities, including drugs and psychotropic substances, the truck was unloaded after the canine service dog reacted to the car's trailer with special signals. During the re-inspection, the service dog reacted to the load of eggplant packed in 11 pallets, so a thorough inspection was carried out by special technical means.
As a result, a total of 200 flat-rectangular packages were found in 100 standard-sized plastic boxes under the "eggplants" used as "cover goods", with 2 in each box. During the inspection, it was found that 108 kilograms of light brown colored narcotic substances - heroin with a specific odor were pressed in the packages.


The fact is investigated.

SCC Press and Public Relations Department