A great deal of drugs and psychotropic substances seized
18-December-2020 617

Employees of the Main Customs Administration on Air Transport prevented an attempt of smuggling of a great deal of drugs.

The suitcase owned by the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahverdiyeva Samira Ilham, who arrived by Istanbul-Baku flight, was checked through X-Ray and suspicious objects were detected on the monitor.

13650 units of pregabalin, 3 wraps of 552.9g cocaine, 283 units of MDMA (methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine) under cylinder box of pistachios, 2 wraps of 971.5g psychotropic substance – methamphetamine were found during checking.

As a result of the operation carried out by the employees of the Investigation and Research Office of the Main Operation-Investigation Department of the State Customs Committee, members of the criminal gang Shahverdiyeva Samira Ilham, Safarov Jamil Jalal and Salmanov Samir Kamil were detained as suspects.

They were charged under articles 206.3.2, 234.4.1, 234.4.3 and 240.3.2 and sentenced to pretrial detention under the decision of Yasamal district court.

Methamphetamine and MDMA (methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine) fall under the 1st list of banned psychotropic substances in the Republic of Azerbaijan, pregabalin falls under the List of substances with powerful effect approved under the relevant law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The total amount of active ingredient of preglabalin is 4095g, the total amount of active ingredient of MDMA (methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine) is 51.54g.

Press and Public Affairs Department of the State Customs Committee