Discussions held on priorities of future activity of customs bodies
19-March-2021 447

On March 18, an online meeting was held with the participation of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization and the Chairman of the Council, as well as the Vice-Chairmen of the Council.

Chairman of the State Customs Committee, customs service Colonel-General Safar Mehdiyev attended the meeting in capacity of the WCO Vice-Chair for Europe Region.

The event aimed at planning further steps to continue the activities carried out based on the results of the meetings of the WCO Political Commission and the Council, particularly, at determining the methods and priorities.

Addressing the meeting, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya spoke about the complicated situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, drew attention to ensuring the continuity of the important role of customs bodies amid the pandemic and shared his views on the future priorities of customs bodies.

It was said that the relevant structures of the WCO were working in a virtual format, and the priorities were adjusted to the existing activities. The Secretary General stressed the importance of transportation and safety of vaccines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chairman of the WCO Council Ahmed Al Khalifa expressed confidence that the discussions would be productive, spoke about the difficulties caused by the pandemic, adjustment of the activity to the pandemic, and financing of the organization. It was also noted that the volume of online trade had increased during the pandemic, which was one of the factors increasing the workload of customs bodies.

The other participants shared their views on the activity of customs bodies in the time of the pandemic.

In his turn, the chairman of the State Customs Committee, WCO Vice-Chair for Europe Region Safar Mehdiyev expressed his views on the effective organization of future activities, adjustment of the activity to the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The chairman of the committee said that the vaccination process was being carried out rapidly in the European region, and special measures were underway in Azerbaijan in this regard.

Discussions were also held on the schedule of the WCO meetings for 2021/2022, priorities and working methods.

Press and Public Affairs Department of the State Customs Committee