The next successful operation
21-May-2021 1374

More than 244 kilograms of heroin were found

As part of measures to combat drug trafficking, customs officers performed another successful operation and prevented attempts to smuggle more than 244 kilograms of drugs - heroin across the country's customs border.

As a result of the operation carried out at the Astara customs post of the Southern Territorial Main Customs Office on the basis of information received by the Main Operations and Investigation Department of the State Customs Committee, two DAF trucks carrying the cargo of "fresh watermelon" from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine through the territory of Azerbaijan were detained and customs control was applied.

Despite that the drivers declared to the customs authority that there were no substance, including drugs and psychotropic substances in the vehicles they are driving, the trucks passed through a stationary X-ray located in the administrative territory of the Astara customs post after service dogs reacted to the truck trailers and as suspicious features were observed, those vehicles were thoroughly inspected and their cargo unloaded.

During the re-inspection 303 rectangular packages with heroin weighing 244 kg 605 grams were found in cavities - in a secret storage made by hand in the area between the front wall of the truck trailer.

An investigation is underway.

Press and Public Relations Department of State Customs Committee