General principles for admission to the service in customs authorities

1. General provisions

 Admission to the service in Customs authorities is conducted in accordance with the "Statue about the service in customs authorities" and "Rules on conduct of competition regarding admission to the service in customs authorities" by the Decree No. 349, dated 12 November 2010, approved of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Competition consists of 2 rounds:

1.Written test exam.


According to the rules, persons with dual citizenship, with obligations to other states, clergymen, persons with incompetence or disabilities approved by a court decision in force, persons whose conviction has not been expunged or withdrawn, unable to work in customs authorities because of having physical or mental disabilities, persons expelled from customs or other government authorities as the result of previous misbehavior of misconduct, persons that have not completed military service regulated by law (except those who have the right to defer from conscription to military service on legal grounds or to exempt from conscription), citizens with the age of conscription to military service cannot participate at the competition.

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan under 30 and having a higher education can participate in the competition, given the status of the law enforcement body.

2. Documents required for participation in the competition:

For written test exam

1. ID;

2. Military ID or military registration document;

3. Documents on higher or other addition education (diploma);

For Interview

1. Personal application (filled in a special form);

2. Labor register ;

3. Medical certificate of health;

4. CV

 When applying for service in the customs authorities, the submitted documents shall be checked in the manner prescribed by the relevant legislation. If, the result of documentary control reveals inconsistencies that impedes admission, the application during 1 (one) month is informed in a written form about the reasons for objection to applicant's admission to the customs service.

3. Rules of conduct of written test exam

1. Written test exam is conducted using a questions booklet and a reply card.

2. There are 100 questions in the booklet and each candidate has 2 (two) hours to provide answers to them.

3. Candidates who are late for the exam for more than 30 minutes are not allowed to enter the exam.

4. Candidates are registered in the entry of the building by presenting "Exam admission paper" and identification document.

5. Information in the reply card is personally filled in and signed by the candidate. Relevant fields in the reply card are marked using black or dark blue ball pen. Spoiled reply card are not changed. If more than one field is marked for the same question, the reply is considered as incorrect.

6. After the exam candidate passes the reply card to the exam controller and has the right to wait in the exam room for the results.

7. Protocol at the end of exam is prepared and is signed by the head of examination commission and controllers. Protocol and reply cards are placed into an envelope, stamped and submitted to the Commission.

8. A Commission of Appeal is organized for considering appeals on the results of the exam and functions one week from the time when the results are announced.

4. Checking reply cards and counting scores

1. Checking of reply cards and score counting are automatically done by computer.

2. Candidates that scored not less than 80 are considered as successful and pass to the interview.

3. The result of the competition and the list of candidates for interview are announced not later than 3 (three) days after the written test exam finishes.

5. Conduct of interviews

1. Interview is conducted with the successful candidates passing test exam, in order to assess candidate's qualities required for the service in the customs authorities.

2. Interview is conducted during 20 minutes with each candidate in an environment of transparency. The candidate is asked question about the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, national legislation, legal acts in the area of customs affairs and economic policy, to assess their knowledge and skills, as well as their moral qualities, responsibility and accountability, ethical behavior.

3. Candidates passing test exam and interview are considered as successful.

4. Successful candidates obtaining the right for admission to the service are presented to the Chairman of the State Customs Committee. The Chairman considers appointing the candidates to the vacant posts.

5. In the case when the number of successful candidates is more than the number of vacant posts, they are included in the reserve list and are proposed to other new vacant posts during the year.

6. The candidates are excluded from the reserve list in case they object to 2 (two) proposed vacant posts (same vacancy cannot be proposed twice), or at the end of this period.