260 kg heroin heading to Ukraine seized in Azerbaijan
07-July-2018 371

Azerbaijani customs officers prevented an attempt to send a great deal of drugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Ukraine via the country's territory.

Mercedes-Benz Axor with registration plate 99DM054/99ZA371 driven by the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan Agayev Imamverdi Abuset was detained at Astara customs border checkpoint as a result of the risk analysis and checked by the border service officers.

The vehicle was to deliver "Sodium Karbonat" cargo from Mojtaba Shage Azar company of the Islamic Republic of Iran to LLC Lisintra of the Republic of Ukraine via the territory of Azerbaijan.

The vehicle was first checked with the use of X-Ray device and suspicious images were detected among "Sodium Karbonat" cargo in the trailer of the vehicle.

Therefore, "Sodium Karbonat" cargo in 20 pallets, totally 800 polyethylene bags in the trailer was unloaded and the cargo was checked with the help of a dog of the canine service. As the tracker dog reacted to the cargo, all the polyethylene bags were unpacked and were checked repeatedly.

260 kilograms of drugs were found in two pallets, in 25 polyethylene bags with "Najı Sodium Bicarbonate Fire Extinguishing Powder" written on them.

According to the Forensic Examination Centre of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Justice, the drug is the home-made heroin.

The fact is under investigation.

Press Service of the State Customs Committee