Customs service is one of the main attributes of the independence of any state.

Advance rulings

The “Advance Rulings” system allows businesses determine in advance the calssification of goods and countries of origin related to specific goods and operations which speeds the release of the goods through the customs border checkpoints, simplifies the process of customs clearance, allows foreign trade participants to forecast their business operations, ensures the elimination of duplication and the creation of full transparency between customs and business.

What kind of advantages “Advance Rulings” system offers to foreign tarde participants?

1. Determine the tariff classification and country of origin of goods related to specific goods and operations in advance;

2. Eliminate repeated requests for the clearance of goods of the same characteristics;

3. Provide foreign trade participants with the opportunity to correctly formulate their business plans in advance;

4. Eliminate additional time and cost losses that may arise during border crossing and clearance stages on goods and vehicles;

5. Ensure transparency.

İssuance process of advance ruling:

1.Individuals apply to the State Customs Committee in electronic form;

2. The State Customs Committee checks the application within 30 (thirty) days. In cases where additional survey is required, the deadline is extended 2 (two) times, each time by 30 (thirty) days;

3.The State Customs Committee issues advance ruling and informs individuals.


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