Customs service is one of the main attributes of the independence of any state.

Customs volunteer

According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Voluntary Activities" and the relevant order of the Chairman of the State Customs Committee "On measures to develop voluntary movement in the system of the State Customs Committee" operates "Customs Volunteer" team within State Customs Committee. To become a member of the "Customs Volunteer" team a succesfull candidate shall pass an interview. Currently, the "Customs Volunteer" team is fully formed. Members of the "Customs Volunteer" team are selected through an interview from the Reserve Membership Database. The next interview for the vacant positions in the "Customs Volunteer"group is scheduled for October this year. The exact time of the interview will be announced. Young people willing to become a reserve member of the "Customs Volunteer" team can apply to the State Customs Committee by filling out the following form. You will be notified as soon as your application will be confirmed at the State Customs Committee.

Application form to act as a volunteer in the "Customs Volunteer" team

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