Press conference held on the outcomes of 2020 and upcoming tasks
05-March-2021 308

A press conference on the outcomes of 2020 and upcoming tasks was held with the participation of the chairman of the State Customs Committee, customs service Colonel-General Safar Mehdiyev on March 4.

Addressing the conference, the chairman of the State Customs Committee Safar Mehdiyev spoke about the historic victory gained by the brave Azerbaijani army in the Patriotic war under the leadership of Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, said that 2020 would go down in Azerbaijan's history as the year of victory.

The chairman of the committee said the customs bodies had taken all necessary steps for successful implementation of the preventive measures taken by President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva to protect the health of the population and ensure sustainability of import-export operations amid hard socio-economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that started early in 2020. It was underlined that within a short period of time special equipment had been installed at the customs checkpoints to disinfect trucks, and pedestrian crossings had been provided with thermal imagers and necessary disinfectants to check individuals.

Safar Mehdiyev also said that despite the hard situation caused by the pandemic, difficulties in economy had been minimized as a result of the resolute steps taken by the leader of the country. The State Customs Committee built its activity in line with the requirements of the pandemic, took necessary steps to ensure sustainability of import-export operations and the customs bodies had a success in 2020, too.

Then, the chairman of the Committee made a special presentation for the media representatives regarding the customs bodies' activity in 2020.

Speaking about the customs statistics of foreign trade, monthly dynamics of import-export operations in 2020, Safar Mehdiyev said last year the customs bodies collected 3938242000 billion manats customs payments and transferred to the state budget while forecast was 3830000000 billion manats.

Giving information about the budget revenues, the role of the State Customs Committee in budget revenues, Safar Mehdiyev underlined that the reforms carried out by the head of state to ensure transparency, eliminate the "shadow economy" had created conditions for the customs bodies to produce successful results.

It was noted that 41% of total imports were taxed last year. The import duty exemptions accounted for 59 percent of total imports, and the VAT exemptions for 26 percent of total imports. The chairman of the committee said that recently some experts had made incorrect calculations based on the statistics of foreign trade turnover, and subsequently the figures had led to the formation of an unrealistic opinion about the activities of customs bodies in the society.

It was said that the customs bodies had built its activity in line with the requirements of the legislation and the public was regularly informed about it.

The chairman of the Committee said that 430 foreign trade participants in import and 235 foreign trade participants in export had been given the right to use the "Green Corridor" gating system launched in 2019, and "Green Corridor" users accounted for 40 percent of total imports and 32.8 percent of total exports.

Then, the questions of the media representatives were answered.