Customs service is one of the main attributes of the independence of any state.

Import of Automobiles

In order to avoid any misunderstanding and delays in the process of customs clearance of the vehicles you import to the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it is advised to submit detailed information (vehicle production year, chassis number, color and etc.) about your import to the Central Customs Examination of the State Customs Committee to identify in advance whether the vehicle meets the requirements of emission standard Euro-4.


The determination of the customs value by declarant for the vehicles imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is adjusted in accordance with the international principles such as Art.VII of GATT, Customs Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as other normative legal acts.

The information declared by the declarant in respect to the customs value and its determination must be precise, quantified and referred to the justified documents

Customs authority reserves rights to inspect the preciseness of declaration or any information, document submitted with a view to define the customs value