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Multilateral meeting on the Project for simplifying transit customs procedure was held

Multilateral meeting on the Project for simplifying transit customs procedure was held

On March 15, multilateral meeting on the project for simplifying transit customs procedure along the Trans-Caspian International East-West Middle Corridor using the "Single Window" principle was held.

Heads and representatives of the customs services of Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Georgia, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Mr. Mirvokhid Azimov, Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States, representatives of UNECE, International Road Transport Union (IRU) and other international organizations took part in the meeting held for the purpose of developing and implementing mechanisms for simplifying transit customs procedures and speeding up border crossing processes of cargo and vehicles on the basis of digital solutions using the "Single Window" principle along the Middle Corridor. 

Firstly, the participants paid tribute to the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the architect and founder of the modern independent state of Azerbaijan, and laid a wreath in front of his grave in the Alley of Honor. 

The memory of prominent ophthalmologist-scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva was also commemorated, flowers were laid on her grave.

Then, the memory of the heroic sons of our Motherland, who sacrificed their lives for the liberation and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was commemorated in the Alley of Martyrs, and a wreath was laid in front of the "Eternal Flame" monument. 

Making a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting, Mr. Shahin Baghirov, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, spoke about the importance of increasing the attractiveness of the Middle Corridor, highly appreciated the efforts of the countries of the region in the direction of simplifying the transit customs procedure and emphasized that significant opportunities will arise for further simplification of transit operations and their realization on a digital basis in the near future. 

Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization spoke about the significance of the project in terms of regional development and increase of welfare, strengthening cooperation and ensuring the sustainability of the trade-supply chain. 

Mr. Rashad Nabiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan in his speech provided information about the measures taken within the framework of multilateral platforms created by the heads of states for strengthening cooperation among the countries of the Middle Corridor that have already begun to bear fruit. He pointed out that the steps taken by the customs services of the countries of the region to simplify the transit procedure will contribute to the common work as well.

Mr. Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA and Mr. Emil Majidov, Adviser to the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan emphasized that the measures implemented in the direction of facilitating transit customs procedures are important in terms of accelerating international trade, facilitating border crossing processes, as well as attracting investments and expanding the economic opportunities of the countries of the region.

At the meeting, a video message by Ms. Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe was delivered to the attention of the participants. 

Then Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organisation made a speech on “The Role of Customs Transit in the International Trade” and Mr. Mirvokhid Azimov, Deputy Secretary General of the Organisation of Turkic States made a speech on “Development of the Middle Corridor: A Vision of the Organisation of Turkic States”.

The presentation of the Trans-Caspian Transit Portal developed by the experts of the Azerbaijan Customs Service was delivered and it was noted that this application will allow the movement of goods and vehicles along the Corridor on the basis of single declaration, electronic exchange of information, and the use of the customs transit declaration submitted in advance as a transit document. The Portal is also of great importance in terms of facilitating and increasing the efficiency of customs services, making decisions on the application of customs control forms based on risk analysis, and exchanging customs control results.

Besides, presentations were made on international mechanisms applied to simplify the transit procedure.

At the end of the meeting, the Heads of the Customs Services of the participating countries adopted the Action Plan on the development and implementation of facilitated transit in the Trans-Caspian “East-West Middle Corridor, using the principle of “Single Window” and signed the final Minutes of the Meeting. 

It should be noted that the Parties have set as a goal the implementation of the discussed issues as soon as possible, which will create important opportunities to increase the attractiveness of the Middle Corridor, movement of the goods along the East-West route within shorter time and less costs, ensuring sustainability of the trade-supply chain.

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15 March 2023 17:04