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Information Technology Conference and Exhibition

WCO IT/TI Conference & Exhibition

World Customs Organization IT&TI Conference aims to share lessons learnt from the latest pilot projects and initiatives deploying advanced technologies, including data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Delegates are invited to learn about, and share their experiences on a number of other topical subjects:

∙ Cybersecurity and data protection

∙ Different aspects of the Cloud

∙ Internet of Everything

∙ Artificial Intelligence and how it can support E-Commerce

∙ Blockchain Technology

∙ Single Window etc.

Furthermore, the ITC will take a look at a more aspirational approach to how border management may appear in the future.

Information technologies provide opportunities to enhance human capacities in terms of identifying high-risk goods and ensuring facilitation and a secure environment to boost legitimate cross-border trade.

There are various technologies – some emerging and some already well-established – that authorities can benefit from in performing their tasks. However there are, on the one hand, uncertainties regarding their capabilities and limitations in the border management environment, and on the other, anxieties around potential data security and protection issues. Cyber-attacks today are more frequent and more extensive, with hackers becoming increasingly skillful at intruding into IT systems.

Through the many exciting topics and latest trends in information technologies, the 2019 WCO IT&TI Conference will explore the path to enabling and building a reliable digital landscape to boost cross-border trade.