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About 1 ton of drugs found by the customs authorities were burned and destroyed

About 1 ton of drugs found by the customs authorities were burned and destroyed

On April 26, 4 tons 646 kg 593 396 grams and 80 944 tablets of various types of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, 39 031 cannabis plants, as well as potent substances were burned and destroyed with the participation of representatives of relevant organizations and media by the court order on destruction № 1964. The process was carried out by the State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Combating Drug Abuse and Illegal Drug Trafficking. The value of destroyed drugs on the black market is 223 million manats.

Customs authorities revealed 40 facts about narcotic drugs destroyed by relevant court orders.

In general 941 kg 913 g of heroin, 416 g of cocaine, 10 kg of 35 g of dried marijuana, 7 kg of 939 g of hashish resin, 4 kg of 920 g of opium, 796 pills of methadone, 7 g of cannabis, 298 g of Methamphetamine, 575,388 g of MDMB 4en PINACA, 3015 pills MDMA, 1607 pills Diazepam, 891 pills Clonazepam, 195 pills Alprozolam, 2 pills Oxazepam, 926 pills Phenobarbital 100 psychotropic substances, 1522 capsules Pregabalin, 300 pills Tramadol, 299 pills Ergotamine, 189 pills Gabapentin potent substances removed from illegal circulation by the customs authorities were burned and destroyed.

The average retail price of narcotics and psychotropic substances submitted for destruction by the State Customs Committee on the black market of Europe is more than 41,314,000 (forty one million three hundred and fourteen thousand) euros.

As a result of the operational-search activities, it was established that about 99% of the 941 kg 913 g of heroin removed from illegal circulation by customs authorities are narcotic drugs that were conveyed into the country from the southern borders and were supposed to be transported to various European countries through the territory of Azerbaijan.


SCC Department of Information and Public Relations

26 April 2023 17:57