Customs service is one of the main attributes of the independence of any state.

The 141st/142nd Session of the WCO Customs Cooperation Council is being held

The 141st/142nd Session of the WCO Customs Cooperation Council is being held

On June 22, 2023 the 141st/142nd Session of the WCO Customs Cooperation Council began its work at the headquarters of the World Customs Organization in Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. 

On the first working day of the Session, WCO Secretary General Mr. Kunio Mikuria presented the Report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the World Customs Organization. Then, reports on capacity building, tariff and trade, rules of origin, valuation, nomenclature and classification of goods were presented and discussions were held. 

Azerbaijan Customs Service participated in the discussions and expressed opinion on the Report of the Secretary General of the WCO, as well as capacity building, tariff and trade issues and put forward proposals, as well as emphasized the importance of the perspective of the development of the regional offices of the WCO on capacity building in terms of general coordination.  During the session, candidates for the post of Secretary General of the WCO – Mr. Philippe Kokou Tchodie (Togo) and Mr. Ian Saunders (USA) made presentations.

Later, the Azerbaijani delegation met with the delegation headed by Mr. Kristian Vanderwaeren, head of the General Customs and Excise Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Belgium.

Development of relations between the customs authorities of the two countries and the prospects of joint cooperation, strengthening the activities of Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region located in Baku, increasing opportunities in this direction, as well as issues related to the exchange of experience in the field of customs value determination and e-commerce value determination were discussed in the meeting. 

23 June 2023 12:07